Welcome To Online Spotify Premium Codes Generator 2015

Looking for a free spotify premium account??
We offer totally free spotify premium codes of  3 months ,6 months and 12 months as per availability. 
We have stopped distributing our working generator as our previous version got abused and misused by many users, so eventually we have discovered a online way to make our method More PVT and More Secure. 
 Now you can use our online spotify premium codes generator, the way more safer for users as there is no need of installation any .exe file.

     What is Spotify?
            Spotify is an online streaming music service, just like itunes, where you can listen to your favourite bands and singers around the world in just a click.
You can use spotify in any kind of OS ( Mac, Linux, Windows ) and also on smart phones and TVs.
You can browse songs by artist, record label, genre, album or playlists or simply by searching the song’s name. These playlists can be created by your friends or even yourself and are available for other persons to see, that way the playlists can change and became bigger and newer. You can also share your music on socials networks like Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and email, and obviously you can share your music also on Spotify. You can also add the playlists you like to your own collection.
There is a free trial period of spotify when you create an account but after that you will need to pay for a premium license. That’s why we decided to share some free spotify premium codes.